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Racket Bags: Transport Everything In One Go

Racket Bags Transport Everything In One Go

Fit all of these into a bag without a big mess.

When I started to play badminton around 6 months ago, I borrowed my friend’s rackets. Soon after, my hand already “gatal” for a racket of my own. Fortunately, when I moved out from Putrajaya’s house, I found a racket in the closet which nobody, not even my ex-housemates declared the ownership. Lucky for me I guess because I could never get enough cash to get a racket these days. After I strung it up (sponsored by beautiful dearie, *thanks dear! muacks!*), I used it ever since.

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But when I brought it around using backpacks, the racket bottom always sticks out from the bag and I’m very concern about how the end cap might just hurt somebody. Then only I actually gave some attention to racket bags. I got one myself soon after and I glad I made the right decision.

So, what’s the content inside the bag? I used a typical small racket bag that can fit around 3-4 rackets although I would like to keep it at 3 rackets max. From the photo above, you can see:

  1. Gosen Smash: my dearie’s.
  2. Carlton Aerogear 616: the one I found at Putrajaya.
  3. Yonex Muscle Power 25
  4. Badminton Shoe
  5. Small towel
  6. Socks and ankle guard
  7. Anti-slip powder: for racket grips.
  8. Deodorant spray: emergency use.
  9. Used shuttles: for warm-ups or wall play.
  10. Wrist Guards
  11. Plastic bag: to store sweaty shirt, dirty socks and wet towels after play.
  12. Missing in the picture: 1 small scissor, badminton shirt, extra shirt

Badminton bags are really2 useful. There are two kind of bags in terms of “layman” view: full cover that usually comes with the racket and actual racket bags. The difference between these two are, full cover only holds one racket and nothing else while the actual badminton bags can hold many things due to multi-compartment. Depends on size on your bag and what/how you put your stuff, one can hold at least 3 rackets and the most I’ve seen so far is more than 10 rackets!

Like a mini badminton shop! :o

Am I going to get a bigger bag in the future or just stick with this? Most probably I will. Been eying on the big ass Yonex bag with double should strap (something like this, although not as big as that), all week long. If stuff goes well, I might acquire one or two new racket by end of this year. I definitely need a new bag by then. I don’t want to left any racket behind because my mum would toss it in the toys bucket. My racket not a toy anymore la mummy…

Yes, you can say I’m having a big GAS these days…on badminton stuff. I mean, who wouldn’t if you read the whole 32 page of this thread? XD

Togel! Togel! Togel!

According to Kamus Dewan (via DBP’s online search), togel means tidak berekor – tail-less. When I played football during primary school, the word togel usually means shirtless. You see, at school, the shirt we always wore for Physical Education were white colored. Naturally, one of the two team need to be shirtless, thus, togel to avoid confusion. My primary school is an all boys school (ACS Klang mah…), so we had no problem with that and we were just kids that time. But it’s rare that I had to togel due to conceded goal or lost the match like the current Nike Football’s campaign – Jangan Togel.

As far as I can recall, there’s one particular time that I kinda togel. As the story goes, both teams want to wear their shirts and refuse to decide who have to togel. Both team also refuse coin toss and rock, paper & scissors method. My teacher (is he still around? God bless him…), being very tolerant came out with one solution, “First team that conceded a goal, togel!“. Things were not as easy as he thought. We are boys after all, football were part of us. It took quite a while before the first goal conceded. Too bad it was my team that conceded the goal…no choice loh, we became the togel team then. Ah, good times…

Nike Togel

A common togel scene. Download the full comic at Jangan Togel website! Copyright: Nike Football

I don’t togel anymore these days…at least, when I am in action. After game togel, biasalah. My clothes are always soaked with sweat, whether badminton or football. No choice, got to togel to cool down faster. :D

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