Posters On The Wall

This post have been due since last month. Taking cue from the man in The Silent Room, let me take you guys on a tour of posters that decorates my room. Even before you enter, you could see the first poster at the door. Some of these items I got from for a fraction of their actual cost.

posters and pins

Ampeg’s endorsers – Ampeg are known for their awesome bass amp lines. Also the maker of famous Dan Armstrong see through lucite guitars (Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters have one. You might seen it before.). I’ve used Ampeg amps 2-3 times before and I also use the Ampeg modeler in my Behringer Bass V-Amp. I dream of their bass amp almost every day XD. And I got my amplifiers from the same online penny auction site also. It was after seeing this video review on Dealdash by a girl named DawnX on Youtube.

Ok, let’s step into my room…

more posters

I believe that you can’t move your eyes from the big Love Hina (my favorite anime of all time) poster right now. Got it from Petaling Street around 2002/2003 while waiting for a bus in Puduraya to go back to Melaka. Second poster were one of my many favourite band – Maroon 5. Under the Love Hina posters is photos of my dearie and me. I don’t have photo frames or album so I just stick it on the wall XD

Over at the other wall, let’s see…

rock band records and posters

    1. The poster of Incubus Live in KL concert. Heard they coming again soon. Poster taken at ASTRO office while I was working at Xfresh.
    2. Korn: one of my all-time favorite band. Got this poster also while I was working at Xfresh.
    3. Fender featuring a number of legendary bassist with their Fenders. It’s actually a cover of booklet that i took at Bentley KL. If you are a guitarist or bassist, you HAVE to own a Fender in your collection. Mine? Later on lah…maybe a Custom Shop American Jazz V for my 40th birthday XD
    4. That’s my class schedule. Behind the paper is my wishlist (I really wanted to have a portable home micro dermabrasion machine you know).
    5. Ibanez Soundgear advertisement featuring Fieldy of Korn – printed this myself. I love his low ghost note thumping in most of Korn’s material. Fieldy maybe not really known among lowenders but he’s really a good nu-metal bassist.

<li>Warwick mini poster featuring Dirk Lance (ex-Incubus) – another of my bass idol. Another self-printed mini poster. His main axe were Warwick Streamer Stage II, my dream bass. Truthfully, I love his stuff more than current Incubus bassist, Ben Kenney.

Some of the poster have been missing though…like Proton Satria R3, Linkin Park Live in Malaysia and an awesome Epiphone advertisement. There was several Need For Speed posters as well, from NFS Underground 2 to the recent NFS Carbon were missing. Maybe they MIA-ed when I shifted from the old house.

There’s still a lot of space in this room. Future posters most probably would be game, music and bass related. Maybe one (or two or three) Maria Ozawa poster as well… XD

What’s on your wall, amigos?

To The Next Round: Still Playing Like Shite

larsson football

Another late post about Man Youre…yeah, so we won against Lille. The odds were pretty big for Lille to overcome the cheesy 1-0 away goal count anyway. There were a number of close call that could cancel out that count but the lady luck still shined upon United.

While I was watching the game, I kind of intrigue with the quality of football played by United. At the other side was Lille who kept on pressuring United and the home side looked like half-asses United. I’m sure if United gave a little bit more, the superb goal like Ronaldo-Larsson can be repeated easily in this game. That goal was amazing, nice ending to Larsson little trip to Old Trafford.

I would say that the most entertaining match that morning were Bayern vs Real and Milan vs. Celtic. Bayern vs. Real match were full of tries and the latter one were full of goal attempts and also quality football. Kaka’s goal were pretty sweet, dude brought it nicely to the box and shoot between Boruc’s leg. LOL.

On to the quarter finals then!